Zekai has been dating Jing Shan for two years, they are working
in Shenzhen and happy to living together. But his mother who
lives in Shantou didn't know that Zekai already had a girlfriend
and kept looking for a date for him, even arranging for
someone to come to Shenzhen to meet Zekai.
Zekai knew that it would be difficult to get his mother to accept
Jing Shan because she had been married before, so he was
hesitant to introduce Jing Shan to his family. But his mother
kept pushing him to get married and Zekai had to face it.
Finally, he decided to get marry with Jing Shan and bring her to
home and confess everything to his mother.

Title: Back to Love

Director: Hongchun Lan

Type: Drama/Family/Love

Release date: 2022-01-07

Length: 101 mins

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