About Us

Tiger Pictures Entertainment Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a comprehensive film company specializing in film distribution & sales in worldwide. Since its establishment, Tiger Pictures Entertainment handled films include “BE SOMEBODY,” animated hit film “I AM WHAT I AM,” Netflix- acquired hit film “NICE VIEW” and the recent sci-fi family blockbuster “MOZART FROM SPACE” directed by Chen Sicheng.

Also the film"HI, MOM" directed by Jia Ling, the highest grossing female director in the world. As well as the highest grossing commercial film in China of 2022 “MOON MAN.”

1000 oversea films

we have collaborated with renowned film / TV production companies from Europe, North America, South Asia, North Asia and Mainland China in establishing stable and extensive inflight licensing channels.

international distribution

licensing film/TV copyrights for airlines inflight entertainment program, domestic distribution and merchandise development and sales.